each day i live the dull echo of a life
sometimes certain of the intangible
sometimes certain there is no peace.

i want it all–
the silver sea transcendence
the wild autumn evening,
the silence before the dawn.
i want to be your last breath
to hold your words within me
breathe me out
breathe me in
let me drown in the dark.
and you say
resurrection —
the promise of reconciliation
i have gotten it wrong
i don’t know how i can fail so often.

the long nights are many
among the cypresses.
my skin raw with memory
my weary soul torn around the edges.
it is you.
it is always you.

and here
in the deep heart of dawn —
so close to the center of the world —
at the end of everything —
you become something other than,
older than the sum of us
and i
taste my name on your lips
the last of you
passing into me
like wind over water
like silence and light.
i hold you in
until my heart bursts
until my lungs are fire.

please remember me
in the new fields
the new church of burnt saints.


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