temple of heaven.

breathe my name like smoke
across the desert.
an evocation of fire
in the grey chill before dawn
the time between time
when all possibilities are realized.

this place
blood-soaked sand and clouds torn to shreds
this is where i come
to open the door
into the rose garden
to unlook the flowers.
to find the children in the trees.
this path runs parallel
and touches in so many places
the ribbon of this life
that has become

i hear words
in the night calls
names i’ll never know
lives i’ll never live
in this
the time between time
i wake unwoken
and die unborn.
between june and september
each summer of my transit
across the face of a dying sun
i taste sin unforgiven
and savor it.

who will know me when i die?
not you, myth.
not you, mirage.
not you, possessor.
in death i will remain unknown
each atom winking out of existence
like silent stars
in torn galaxies.
the temple of heaven,
nothing more than
regret and untouched
unspent sighs.

we are never one.


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