you were always the problem.

that response—
the one you had to
that deeply personal admission,
made accidentally—
it’s not normal.
humans don’t react that way
to the hurt
of those they care for.
unless they don’t care.
but that assumption
in itself is unsupportable
considering how humans connect
to the hurt of those
they’ve never met.
perhaps you hate me.
it would be an explanation
confusing yet plausible—
probable even—
i’ve done nothing to merit
this unmitigated disgust
or your boorish lack of courtesy
but frankly,
i lack the energy to care.
i don’t deserve the bitterness you’ve
directed at me or
your callous disregard for my kindness.
you are strange
you are cruel.
you’re a liar.
you were always the problem.

my mistake was coming back
each time you tore me down.


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