I will stay awake with you
While the world burns
Lying next to you
As all the lights go out
We have nothing but this moment
No promise of the next
And I have found faith in the heat of your body against mine
Something real
In the darkness.
Your touch unravels me
Beneath you I am undone
Be with me
Carve out this space for us
Existing with you in silence.
Mourn this —
Mourn us
Every morning you wake without me
As I grieve your absence
As the heat boils over the horizon.

The world burns.

And I want you here
With me.

Etch your name onto my bones
Bury your fire under my skin
The need in me
Mirrors the need in you
And my heart echoes your rhythms
My body knew yours before the world began
And I should be with you as it ends

But this is not love.

It is just another lie.