In case you were wondering what I’ve been doing lately…

I’m avoiding Twitter. The hysteria and outrage levels have reached – and surpassed – Salem Witch Trial levels. I’m tired of the constant hate, willful ignorance, refusal to consider context or nuance, the hyperpartisan dehumanization of “the enemy.” The anti-maskers, (who are the new antivaxxers). All of it.

I’m still posting things of interest that I find online as long as I don’t have to actually wade into the cesspool. I call them “hit and runs,” because I fancy myself clever. I’ll be back when I forget how much the medium annoys me.

I’ve been surprisingly productive, having begun – and finished! – several projects I’ve been meaning to get to: learning to sharpen knives effectively, tailoring my favorite jeans, learning to make fabric flowers, making jewelry. Finishing the first half of the last season of Supernatural. Bingeing VWars, which is surprisingly watchable, even if Ian Somerhalder has somehow morphed into Rob Lowe as he’s gotten older. I’ve read some books. Taught my dog to swim.

Important things.

I’ve also begun celebrating the things that matter, like the anniversary of this auspicious event.

Ok, love you. Byeeeeeee.

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